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Ritron TeleSwitch
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Ritron TeleSwitch

Product Information

The new Ritron TeleSwitch is a perfect companion to the successful Ritron QuickTalk Voice Notification Transmitter. By using DTMF to program your custom message into the QuickTalk, the TeleSwitch responds by decoding the DTMF sequence and delivering a contact closure. An infinite number of practical applications exist. 

For example, a QuickTalk is used to monitor a tower light with an AC current detector connected to one of its two input terminals. Miles away, a TeleSwitch with an autodialer is connected to one of its two relay contacts. When the AC current detector senses an absence of current flow, a contact closure is sensed in the input of the QuickTalk, causing it to transmit the previously recorded DTMF sequence to the TeleSwitch. The TeleSwitch, in turn, delivers a contact closure to the autodialer, which can then provide a "lights out" voice alert to appropriate personnel. 

As another real-world example, the TeleSwitch / QuickTalk combo is used 24/7 in irrigation systems to shut down pumps and alert work crews of critical malfunctions. By using the QuickTalk to monitor valves and flow points, an employee no longer has to spend time, physically checking the system. 

A myriad of applications exist for the new Ritron TeleSwitch. To find out more about this exciting product, please call Dennis Sieracki in the Ritron Sales Department at 800-872-1872, ext. 125.

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